Thursday, January 11, 2007

fierce gods for fierce matters

A ceremonial mask in a Lamastry, Hohot, Inner mongolia.

Quite unnerving, but nothing in comparision to a couple of the gods, or the 'wrathful deities' as they are known;

I think this is Death but he could also be another version of the Protector of the Dharma, Mahakala:

I'm not really up on my buddhist gods but apparantly these wrathful deities are often just aspects of the compassionate dieties, there to represent their righteous anger at wrong-doing or a threat to the teachings. Hindism also has wrathful deities, such as Kali who is, on her milder days, the Divine Mother:

Makes me wonder if we need to channel the wrathful side of brands more? Maybe we could do with some more righteous anger from brands? There's plenty to be incensed about. And if so how would the angry and empowered brand, venturing out on behalf of all sentient beings, act and manifest itself?
Skulls hanging off the logo could be optional.


Richard Young said...

Kali reminds me of Steve Jobs. iPhone in one hand, Cisco on the floor and a necklace of Bill Gates's skulls (he's a hydra, dontcha know, which explains why there's more than one of them...)

Anonymous said...

all brands need more severed heads.