Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Nearly four months ago I was tagged by Rob Campbell, scourge of the mundane. I am now beholden to reveal 5 things about myself that you, gentle reader didn't know about me. I've been so tardy I'm now doing this as penance really, to publicially acknowledge I fail in two key blogging areas; prompt posting and community spirit. Sorry Rob, I'm a crap blogger, but with all apologies, this is the reply that has been sitting in my drafts section since last year:

My fascination with Asia started with trips to London's China Town, and in particular the Chinese Opera masks sold there as souvenirs. I think I was the only 7 year old in my town with a decent collection of major Chinese Opera characters' masks. Sadly this didn't win me the social aclaim I might have hoped for.

I ran a club night in San Francisco, years and years ago. I've just found one of our old flyers.

I can't ride a bike or drive a car. I'm fairly good at walking and hailing cabs though.

I have a bit of a fixation with the Japanese miniature food sets. They are sold in toy and department stores and I always buy a couple when I'm in Japan. This is a picture of a tonkasu meal, just the size of a box of matches. I am fascinated by this. Endlessly.

And finally, I've recently left my job to start my own company up. I will be droning on about this more.

I'm now sure you would have preferred this to have remained in the drafts folders, but there you go...


Rob @ Cynic said...

Better late than never eh! :)

Hello, I loved this 'reveal' of yourself, but then you're a bloody interesting person so I wouldn't expect anything less.

Please write and tell me all your news [I have some for you too] and I hope we can catch up soon.

Nien said...

wow, congrats on starting your own company!

Fanni said...

Yo Sarah,
Was doing a search on Chinese masks pictures and had lead me to your blog. Its really small world after all, as the song goes along. You've got a interesting blog here.

All the very best in your new start up and please pick my brain when necessary.

We miss you heaps in Beijing!
Seeya soon love.