Thursday, August 10, 2006

green tea rules

A nice cup of green tea, green tea biscuit and green tea chocolate chip cookies from Japan.
Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry may be the heavy hitting sweet flavours of the West but green tea (along with red bean) rules in the East. Green tea is also a popular ice-cream flavour, especially with Chinese women, not only because of its 'cooling', light taste but because green tea is commonly believed to aid slimming. Now, I'm no nutritional expert but I would question if this is still the case once its mixed with loads of milk, fat and sugar.


Rob Mortimer said...

Never had the biscuits, but I love the tea!

i see what you mean said...

if you love the tea, you'll love the biscuits! actually the one suspended over the tea is McVities, they are really nice, the others (packet) were a bit so-so.

Rob Mortimer said...

Excellent, i'll have to check in my local Chinese shop and see what they have!