Thursday, August 24, 2006

the joy of detail

One of my favorite things about Japan is the attention to detail you see there. This is one example, a series of miniature convenience shop items sold in a collectable series.

This is the contents of the one I bought:

The biggest of these items is only about half the size of a stick of gum. It's brilliant, all individual pieces and painstakingly detailed. Look at the detail on those faux Pringles! Each collection of goods is themed, this one is 'Let's have a party' though I'm not sure anyone would be flocking to a gathering with cans of 'Cocktail Party' on offer. Other themes include 'Necessities you forget to buy' (umbrellas, light bulb, thank you cards) and 'coming home at midnight' (corn dog, tea drink, instant noodles, i.e. drunk munchies). It's a cultural educational tool in its own right, a miniature look inside Japanese convenience store life. These are aimed at young doll house owning demographic but are popular with adults as well. I have to say, though there is no good reason for me to buy a box of tiny junk food, I find it really pleasing.

It's also a reminder for me that while the temptation is to upscale (package sizes, campaigns, media, ideas, statements etc) little things can make a big impression when they are unexpected, or demand scrutiny, drawing you in with detail.

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