Tuesday, August 29, 2006

romance, chinese parent style

While I'm happy to admit my dating life has had its ups and downs at least I can say that my parents never had to go down a park and hunt for dates for me. Or at least not with my knowledge. Others cannot say the same, as Sunday in Shanghai means parents meet in the city's main park go looking for potential marriage partners for their children. The parents come armed with hand-written ads (as seen above) which rather tellingly, focus on the key facts about their child: age, height/weight, education, profession and salary. No GSOH, or other personal ad frippery here. Other parents cruise them, discussing details and flashing often rather stern graduation photos of their offspring. This photo was taken at the end of the afternoon so its looking rather quiet but its usually packed, creating a definate 'market day' feel. These parents are taking matter into their own hands as long working hours keep their children from meeting potential partners. The solution seems to lie somewhere between free market economy trading, hot-or-not.com and traditional matchmaking.

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