Thursday, November 02, 2006

chanting the crab

Autumn means hairy crab is here again. A delicacy of the crab world it's much in demand but many unscrupulous crab breeders pass off non-hairy crabs as the real thing.
Anti fake hairy crab measures include special licenses and tagging but each year there's a new warnings about fakes.

Today's lesson: nothing is safe from piracy.

(Hairy crab food article here in all its gory detail).

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ed tam said...

Have you ever heard the story about the white salmon? It's once alleged that this American businessman went to Japan and there he found out about a special bread of salmon. This salmon turns from pink to white when it's cooked. So he ordered a whole bunch of these white salmons and sold it at a premium with the promise, "white salmon - never turns pink". Apparently he shifted a loads of these.