Wednesday, November 01, 2006

shopping in Inner Mongolia

Was up in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia recently. While I was there I popped into one of the city's malls and saw some interesting fashion ad casting.
First off, the choice of brand spokesmen for the men's wear brands:

I would guess that these are local heroes (not at all implying that its not their dashing good looks getting them these gigs, of course).
Either way, an interesting take on the masculine ideal:

Also Grandsire - what a great name eh?

On the other extreme, the female mannequins were all uber-Aryan types. Row after row of them in fact, all standing outside the shops in the mall, like something out of Doctor Who:

I'm sure that China, as with most things, is the world's biggest producer of shop mannequins but I have yet to see one Asian or even Asianish style shop dummy. I'm sure this isn't a source of fierce racial debate in China but it must be re-enforcing the link between the west and fashion on some level...

Which leads me to Exhibit C.
First off, a classic copy-cat brand strategy, the sound alike:

How many Inner Mongolians recognise the difference between Gucci and Cuuci on a linguistic or product basis? But hey, its a Western model, must be kosher right?

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Hohhotter said...

hi, How u doing. I am a Hohhot native, just check your post. let me explain some first. The man on the first photo is a well-known singer in China whose name is Teng ge'er. He is Mongolian Chinese singing many excellent songs like "Heaven" and "Mongolian". he is typical Mongolian looking which is loved by many northwestern Chinese. He is not kind of handsome by the standard of Tom-cruise man or Han Chinese type. Teng ge'er got some HI-FI albums.

on the second photo and the third photo are comedy star Richard Ng Man Tat and actor Eric Tsang Chi-wai from HK, they are famous for their hardworking and being not good looking.

Gucci or Cucci, this is funny, I admit that We have plenty of copy cat stuff in China, have you heard ShanZhai phenomenon? which is a best explanation of knock-off. yet, I am sure people who buy the Cucci stuff would probably have aware of this is a Chinese-brand of Cucci not Gucci from Italy

a Hohhotter