Thursday, September 28, 2006

getting fitter

The pre-Olympics fitness drive is on. A signpost here from Shanghai's new sports facility.

And there's so much fitness going on, its spilling out onto the pavements outside the complex. Below is a badminton game in progress.

It's common to see impromptu pavement badminton games but when its right outside a purpose built million dollar sports complex it does seem to suggest the facility is only one of many possible venues rather than the definitive. And a reminder that the purpose built isn't always the answer to everything, sometimes the relaxed, expedient or informal is just fine.

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Richard Young said...

Did I see a logo on that sign for "Door Ball"? The universal stick figure next to it looks like he's playing croquet - pleeease let that be an Olympic sport in 2008! We might win a medal! (Actually, the fact that state-of-the-art Chinese sports centres have facilities for croquet probably means we wouldn't get close...)