Monday, September 04, 2006

washed away 2

Previously I'd posted this picture of a row of houses which had been scheduled for demolition. The developers were good for their word. How the same street looked last weekend:

I've recently heard several people talking about coming back home to see their childhood home before its knocked down. It seems to be an increasingly common rite of passage for 30 somethings and older. What if your childhood neighborhood was flatten for up-market apartments and offices? Would you have a rush of exhilaration? Anger? Or a sense of loss? Or maybe release? Perhaps a conflicting mixture of all? Most of the people discussing this just seem resigned, possible space for sentimentality obliterated along with the old homes in Progressive Redeveloping China.

Shanghai's Biennale and the alternative 'Satellite' exhibition starts next week, the theme to the show is urbanisation so more on this soon but here is a previous post about art and urbanisation in the meantime.

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