Monday, July 03, 2006

Chinese apartment names

China's mid to high end housing boom is in for a correction, government taxation measures seek to curb the amount of high value housing and encourage developers to build more affordable living spaces for the majority. Whether this will work is yet to be seen but in the meantime I am happily charting Chinese high-end apartment complex names as they spring up on an almost weekly basis. As you can see I have indentified three key areas: wealth 'n' power, nature and faux international.

There are a few examples of category overlap but am still looking for that natural sounding powerful international name. That sweet spot is yet to be taken but I have my eyes open and I'm lookin'.

Of course, if you need a quick guide to the varied aspirations of the mid-high Chinese consumer these names give you a pretty good idea. A more natural and relaxed life, obvious undeniable status and a taste of the international living.
Check out Thames Town at
Truly authentic, only missing the sulky teenagers hanging around drinking cheap canned lager and a queue of Volvos backed up from Waitrose's car park.

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