Monday, July 24, 2006

uneven parenting

Interesting interview in the China Daily the with the principle of a boarding school (as pictured above). She sums up the Chinese parenting style neatly;

"Chinese parents always compare their own children's shortcomings with others' achievements, so they are never satisfied with them. They spoil their children in as much as they try to provide them with a comfortable life but when it comes to study they want to be strict. What really needs to change is the parent's attitudes toward education."

Chinese parents are often conflicted about their behaviour as they know they are inconsistent and unfair to the child but can't help still pressurising and hectoring them to compete with their peers. They then over compensate for this pressure with presents, food and indulgence. It's a topic of debate but peer pressure is strong and with so many families having only one child to succeed for the family it doesn't look like its going to improve for many children soon


JamesB said...

so, the most powerful nation in the world and they're all sociopathic... wonderful.

i see what you mean said...

i'm going to tell them you said that and then you'll be sorry.

jamesb said...

[runs, hides..]

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