Monday, July 03, 2006

Disturbing cute

Asia loves cute. But I'm still surprised at the contexts it appears, for example, the Communist Party's 85th birthday.

This is a screen grab from an MMS message circulated for the momentous birthday. The comrades at have identified that she's karaoking along to a song popular a while ago whose lyrics feature the immortal lines:
"Singing The East is Red, we get ourselves together and stand up/It's spring time, we're reforming and opening up/And we're gonna get rich!"
It's struggle for me to reconcile the CCP and a cute pink haired cartoon character but that is obviously just my problem.

Here's another take on cute from Asia. Perk are two up and coming designers in Shanghai who have already been pounced on by various mags as examples of the avant-garde young. And rightly so, below is a pack of their pin-badges. Beautifully disturbing.

Reminds me of Murakami's upsetting KiKi character:

It's interesting that so much of Asia's pop culture can appear saccharine to the West and devoid of rebellion but there is a definite streak of real darkness to it all that often gets over looked.

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