Monday, July 31, 2006

more burn-out and the same cartoon

An internet survey from a local Chinese HR company (ChinaHRD) revealed recently that out of the 4,000 people surveyed 70% were suffering 'slight' symptoms of executive stress 'burnout', and 13% suffered from serious burnout.
China Daily published similar figures recently claiming about a fifth of executives were suffering severely from stress. Health officials have also explained that the long term effects of stress means that the life expectancy of the Chinese executive is now around 53 years, a considerable drop from ten years ago. It may not all be down to just job stress though, other health commentators blame poor eating habits, large unhealthy business banquets complete with heavy drinking and late night client-bonding karaoke sessions.

Eitherway, there's more white collar workers realising that success is coming with a questionably high price. Sound familiar?

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