Wednesday, July 05, 2006

east west fortune clash

Well, as I know you've been wondering, I'm Tarurean but a Rat in Asian horoscopes. With both on offer I like to compare but this month its extra tricky.

I'm inclining towards the western horoscope as I've started this blog so everyone will realise how smart and talented I am but then again, the Chinese horoscope is playing on my deeper fears that I squander any success I have, however meager.
And let's face it, you have to trust someone who has 'His Holiness' as a title.

Did you also notice the Ox horoscope? They can't move any bedroom furniture around this month and will be suffering from 'gossips'. Tougher for some. But suffering from 'gossips' is an interesting point as I'm trying to think how many times rumours/being gossiped about/bad mouthed comes up in western horoscopes and I'm struggling to think of examples outside teenage girl mags. I've seen it mentioned regularly in Asian horoscopes which makes sense considering the more collective nature of Asian society and the emphasis on face. Funny, but I think if you need to get a quick sense of a culture horoscopes are often a pretty useful starting point as they are such a simple and unselfconscious reflection of societies' priorities.

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